About Me

I have lived in many different towns and cities during my married life, but I have always lived in Texas. I have a grown child, a husband who indulges my addictions to books, pens, and coffee, and two cats. I dream of either "retiring" or "quiting" my day job so I can write full time.

I love reading, science fiction, coffee, and hot tea. I enjoy photography, fishing, playing poker (Texas Hold'em), and rummaging through flea markets.

It is rare to find me without a pen and a notepad, because I'm constantly jotting down stuff. My head is full of story ideas and characters.

I enjoy talking to fans. You can email me at raynerachel at gmail (dot) com, find me on twitter @raynerachels, follow me on Pinterest at www.pinterest.com/raynerachels, or join me on Facebook at RayneRachels.

You can find the Bryant Station Curves series, Briary Creek Wolves series, Reluctantly Undead, and Tangled Fates series on sale at Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and Applie iBookstore.

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